Double Decker Carousel Installation Case In Russia

Good news! The customized 68-seat double-decker carousel for our Russian client is now in operation. As per the client’s request, we have made upgrades to the existing equipment, primarily focusing on the design of the eaves. Since its launch, the ride has been attracting numerous visitors who are eager to experience it and take memorable photos. The riding experience has been exceptional as well.
Indoor Playground Project Details In Vietnam
The double-decker carousel is installed in Baku Friendship Park in Volgograd, Russia. In October 2022, we received a purchase request from a customer who wanted to acquire a large-capacity carousel for the park. The carousel was installed in March this year, and the customer is highly satisfied with our double-decker carousel equipment. Last month, the customer made another purchase from our company, this time for a 360-degree pendulum ride. Currently, the equipment is in the production stage.

Cooperation Process With Russia Customer

Color Scheme of Double Decker Carousel to Russia Customer
Project Consultation
· Requirement of the Clients: On October 2022, after receiving customer inquiries, Beston team communicated with customers for more information. The client’s company is an investor who want to help the construction and development of the park in the center of Volgograd City. The park aims to put the largest double-decker wedding carousel in Russia.
· Project Solution: After understanding the specific requirements of the customer, our sales manager provided professional recommendations. The customer ultimately chose a 68-seat double-decker carousel, but made some upgraded designs on the eaves of the carousel. Our design team rendered different upgraded eaves options based on the customer’s needs. The following are the rendered proposals:
Double-decker carousel ride delivery to Russia
Production and Delivery
·Contract Signing and Equipment Production: Upon signing the production contract with the customer, we promptly arrange for the factory to commence equipment manufacturing. We ensure that the production and delivery of the equipment are completed within the agreed-upon timeline stated in the contract. Throughout the production process, we maintain strict quality control, utilizing the finest materials to produce the most satisfactory double-decker carousel equipment for our customers.
3 Reasons for Customers to Choose Beston Rides
· Professional Sales Manager: Our sales manager responds promptly to customer inquiries and helps them quickly resolve any concerns they may have.
· High-Quality Product: We not only guarantee the quality of our equipment, but also provide customers with competitive pricing.
· Feasibility Recommendations: When customers are selecting equipment, our sales manager provides them with professional advice.
Customer Feedback from Russia
Customer Feedback from the Opening Site
· Equipment Installation Completed: March 2023. The park opened to the public.
· High Footfall: Since the park’s opening, the double-decker carousel has been well-received by numerous visitors. Many people have been attracted to visit and capture photos at this popular attraction due to its mesmerizing lights and captivating ambiance.
· Customer Feedback: Our double-decker carousel has received positive feedback from customers and has made a significant impact in the local community.

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· Successful Case in the World: Except Russia, Beston Rides has also multiple indoor and outdoor projects in other countries around the world, including Nigeria, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Canada, India, Qatar, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Up to now, we have more than 1,000 successful indoor projects in more than 80 countries around the world. Welcome to contact us for park project solution and equipment upgrade solution.”

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“ We not only provide our customers with comprehensive indoor and outdoor park project solutions, but also offer equipment upgrade plans to ensure that customers can purchase appealing and satisfactory amusement equipment. Contact us for cooperation right now!

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