Inflatable Bumper Car For Sale

A Inflatable Bumper Car
A Inflatable Bumper Car in Beston

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Inflatable Bumper Cars For Sale
BJ-PP04 Ground Grid Bumper Car at Lower Prices at Lower Prices

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Inflatable bumper cars are one of the many bumper cars we produce. Inflatable bumper cars are different from other forms of bumper cars. We can inflate it through safety valve, but it runs on batteries.

Beston inflatable bumper cars has been sold very well. All the time, we insist on customer-centered. To meet customers’ demand, we have produce different types of inflatable bumper cars.
And all of them are popular in market. Inflatable bumper cars can be played not only indoors, but also outdoors. While it must be in a closed space.

Specification of Inflatable Bumper Cars

Small Inflatable Bumper car

The traditional bumper cars are too large, fast and heavy for kids to operate. In order to solve this problem and to meet the need of the diversity of bumper cars of the amusement market , the Beston amusement developed the mini Bumper Cars.

Small Bumper Car
B007-PPQ04 Small Spin Zone Bumper Car Cheap

Model: B007-PPQ04
Diameter: 1.55M
Height: 1M
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Medium Inflatable Bumper Car

On the basis of small bumper cars, we designed and improved a medium-sized one. Its internal space is relatively large, making it more comfortable when playing. This dodgem bumper cars is very easy to play, all ages people can operate this dodgem cars well and will enjoy the fun with families when they playing.

Middle Inflatable Dodgem Car
B007-PPQ05 Medium Inflatable Dodgem Car Cheap

Model: B007-PPQ05
Diameter: 1.8M
Height: 0.95M
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Big Inflatable Bumper Car

Large inflatable bumper cars are more designed for adults to play. While children can also try this equipment under the spray bucket of an adult. The experiences of playing dodgem car games is full of interesting and exciting, it helps people relax and release the pressure.

Bumper Cars For Adults
B007-PPQ02 Bumper Cars Adults Sold in Beston

Model: B007-PPQ02
Diameter: 1.8M
Height: 1.27M
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Ice Bumper car

Bumper cars on ice are another type of inflatable bumper cars. Like ordinary inflatable bumper cars, it can be filled with a safety valve. But the difference is that his tires are made of special materials, so they won’t be damaged even if they collide on ice.

Outdoor Bumper Cars
Buy Ice Bumper Car

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Outdoor Ice Bumper Cars
Buy Ice Bumper Car

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Outdoor Bumper Cars
Buy Ice Bumper Car

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Bumper Cars Suppliers

Beston is a leading inflatable bumper cars supplier in China, we make the beautiful and high-quality bumper cars including motorized bumper cars for your amusement park, battery bumper cars and so on, which are sold to the customers all over the world.

Bumper Cars Suppliers
B007-PPQ02 Inflatable Bumper Cars Suppliers

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Beston Inflatable Bumper Car
Shippment of Spin Zone Bumper Car

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For example, inflatable bumper cars have been exported to Russia, Nigeria, England and so on. If you want to realize these, you could view the cases in detail on another page or come to consult us.

At the same time, Beston is famous for the high-quality products at lower prices. So, our products won great praise among customers. As you know, the bumper car rides are different from others. Therefore, our fuses have been tested repeatedly. The body of the bumper car is also firm enough.

Advantages of Beston Inflatable Bumper Car

Bumper Cars Inflatable
BLF-PP Beston Bumper Car

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Indoor Bumper Cars Near Me
BLF-PP Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale

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  1. Easy to control and maintenance
    For each product, we will have an installation manual. The operating procedure is simple and easy to understand. The manual describes each product component, function and use in detail. You can read it carefully.
  2. Cost and space saving
    In order to meet the needs of customers, the internal space design of our team’s bumper cars has also been improved. The car body made of the most comfortable material can make people feel relaxed when playing.
    And the repairing and maintenance of our bumper cars are simple because of our unique design. Therefore, that could reduce your constructive cost.
  3. Safety working
    When using inflatable bumper cars, you should avoid touching sharp objects. At the same time, it is carried out in a closed space, if necessary, you can use our company’s special inflatable fence.
    Of course, for inflatable bumper cars, we provide a special car cover for the body to extend the life of the bumper car. So, it ensured that the two cars have a buffer force to reduce the impact of the collision.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars Cost

In terms of inflatable bumper cars price, Beston is always regarded as the most reasonable and competitive one. With many yeas of development, we have advanced machine to produce and skillful team to design the products.

Beston Bumper Cars
BLF-PP Spin Bumper Cars For Sale

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In order to guarantee better quality level and safety, each inflatable bumper car must be sent for testing through testing machine before it is sold.

According to actual using condition, we continuously improve our products. We have our own factory and we make all our inflatable bumper cars by ourselves, therefore, there is no extra disparity between factory and suppliers.

Owing to that, we could balance cost and quality better. If you think the price of our bumper cars is too high, thus our good quality will save a lot money for you in maintenance.

Inflatable Bumper Car Using Condition

Outdoor Bumper Cars Near Me
B007-PPQ03 Outdoor Inflatable Bumper Cars

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  • The inflatable bumper car must be used in a closed space to avoid hurting pedestrians. It is recommended to use our company’s special inflatable fence.
  • When the bumper cars is driving, personnel are not allowed to enter the ground to avoid injury, and can only get on the car after the vehicles have stopped.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult to play this product. They are assisted by adults or staff when getting on and off the car.

Inflatable Bumper Car Maintenance

Because of habitual good quality level of us, Beston products are regarded as model on manufacturing national standard in amusement rides industry.

While because inflatable bumper cars collide with each other to play, it is essential for their regular maintenance. You know we help you to save this cost by high quality.

And within a certain number of years, our products can be guaranteed to repair. Especially for damaged accessories such as pneumatic tires, tires, batteries, fuses, air blowers, etc.

Dodgem Bumper Cars For Sale
B007-PPQ04 Kids Bumper Cars For Sale

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Big Bumper Cars
B007-PPQ03 Spin Zone bumper cars for adults Chaep

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Beston is now a famous brand known by people from all over the world. Since foundation, we always regard quality as primary factor and customers demands as source of development. We continuously develop our technology. The advanced skills helped us improve producing efficiency to large extent.

Inflatable bumper cars are still popular products in Beston. Besides it, we also produce carousel ride for children. And we have many thrill amusement rides, for example, roller coaster, pirate ship ride, frisbee ride, breakdance ride and so on.

All the time, we promises to exchange the lowest price for highest quality. We have intimate before sale and after sale service.

If you have intention or some questions about our products and our company, please contact with us through below box and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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