1320㎡ Indoor Playground Installed At Saudi Arabia

Latest news, after about a month, the installation of the indoor playground of Bisha in Saudi Arabia has been completed. This is a 1320-square-meter ocean-themed naughty castle that is installed in a newly built shopping mall. It will be the largest indoor playground in Bisha. In addition to this project, we also have some successful indoor project in other countries including Qatar, Turkey, and the Philippines. Next, let us learn more about this project together.
Project Introduction of Nigeria Dream World Park
This is an indoor project in a shopping mall located in Bisha, Saudi Arabia. The name of the shopping mall is Central Park hotel. It is still under construction. The construction of the shopping mall is mainly to attract more people and promote the development of customers’ hotel business. Local in Saudi Arabia, the climate is hot, so people generally like the ocean and ice and snow. We recommend the ocean theme to the client, which is more popular with the local people and more conducive to the long-term operation of the client’s project.

How We Provide Solution for Saudi Arabia Customer

Beston Indoor Playground Designer Team
Communication Process
On April 14th, we received an inquiry from the customer. After getting in touch with the customer, we learned that the basic construction of the customer’s shopping mall has been completed, and the only thing left is the interior decoration. Between April 14th and May 11th, we communicated with customers in a timely manner, and determined the layout and design of the naughty castle project through telephone, video and other means. Finally, after about 5 revisions, the final project design drawing was determined and a contract was signed with the client.
Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment Design
Indoor Playground Design
Our business manager learned from the communication with the customer that the customer invested in this indoor playground mainly to drive the development of his own hotel. From the perspective of project positioning, this will be the first large-scale indoor playground project in Bisha, Saudi Arabia. Due to the hot weather in Saudi Arabia, people are more inclined to the ocean, ice and snow, so our sales manager recommended the blue ocean theme to customers. Blue is more popular among the local people.
Production and Delivery to Saudi Arabia
Production and Delivery
After signing the contract with the customer and receiving the deposit from the customer, we start to arrange the production of the equipment. Due to the relatively large size of the entire project, the entire production process took about 2 months, and the overall equipment was completed in early July. We arranged the delivery in mid-September according to the time agreed with the customer, and the customer received the goods in about a month.
Installation of Saudi Arabia Indoor Playground
Indoor Playground Installation
We sent installation engineers to Saudi Arabia to guide the installation of the customer’s naughty castle. The entire project began to be installed on October 21 and completed on November 18. Throughout the installation process, customers are relatively satisfied with our company’s services.
Customer Feedback
On March 14, 2023, the Saudi Arabian customer’s indoor naughty castle project was grandly opened. The customer sent our company an opening video. Beston Amusement here wishes the customer a prosperous business!

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