Large Indoor Playground Equipment

The large indoor playground equipment is designed for children aged 3 to 14, combining various popular activities for children such as slides, trampolines, and ball pits to create a indoor comprehensive children’s playground. Large indoor playground can typically be customized according to customer needs with different programs, including style, play elements, etc., making it a relatively low-investment, quick-return business. Want to start business with indoor soft playground equipment? Contact Beston Rides right now!

Types of Large Indoor Playground Equipment from Beston

As a professional indoor playground equipment and amusement park rides manufacturer and one-stop playground solution provider, Beston Rides has many types of large indoor playground solutions for customers to choose or customized according to your special requirement. Here are 4 popular indoor playground themes which has positive feedback from our clients:

Space Theme Indoor Playground

This theme likely incorporates elements inspired by outer space, such as planets, rockets, stars, and perhaps even futuristic designs. Kids can embark on imaginative space adventures, exploring different play structures like rocket slides, moon bounce houses, and zero-gravity climbing walls.
Space theme indoor playground design

Large Sports Theme Indoor Playground

The large sports theme indoor playground is perfect for active kids and sports enthusiasts, this theme would feature miniaturized versions of popular sports facilities and equipment. Expect to find basketball hoops, soccer goals, climbing walls resembling mountains or rock faces, and obstacle courses designed to challenge agility and coordination.
Sports theme large indoor playground design

Large Forest Theme Indoor Playground

Forest theme is one of the most popular theme for large indoor playground investment. It is popular among kids. Play structures mainly resemble trees, log cabins, or woodland creatures like bears and squirrels. Bridges, tunnels, and zip lines could simulate traversing through a forest canopy, providing both physical activity and imaginative play opportunities.
Large forest theme indoor playground

Large Ocean Theme Indoor Playground

With the ocean theme indoor playground, children can explore the wonders of the ocean without getting wet. Expect to encounter colorful coral reefs, friendly sea creatures like dolphins and octopuses, and pirate ships for swashbuckling adventures. Water-themed slides, ball pits resembling ocean bubbles, and interactive sensory experiences could enhance the immersive aquatic atmosphere.
Ocean theme indoor playground equipment design

Use Occasions of Large Indoor Playground Equipment

A large indoor playground is best suited to be located in city centers or bustling commercial areas to attract more customers. Opting for locations with high foot traffic and convenient transportation, such as near shopping malls, theme parks, or within large commercial complexes, helps to boost visibility and appeal. Additionally, considering nearby amenities and competitors ensures securing a sufficient market share. Most of our customers intend to choose shopping mall, shopping center, business center as their investment place.

Trampoline park equipment for shopping mall

Shopping Mall

Trampoline park equipment for Childrens Paradise

Children’s Paradise

Trampoline park for business center

Business Center

Trampoline park equipment for International Airport

International Airport

Trampoline park for city park

City Park

Trampoline park for Kindergartens


Trampoline park equipment for Communities

Shopping Mall
Children’s Paradise
Business Center
International Airport
City Park

Large Indoor Soft Playground Videos

After choosing the using occasion for large indoor playground, let’s see some videos about Beston indoor playground equipment for large indoor playground use. From the video, you can learn about the design and arrangement of our indoor playground equipment for the whole project. Also welcome to contact Beston Rides team to start your business.

Installation Cases of Large Indoor Playground Equipment to the World

From begining to now, we had helped thousands of clients successed in this business. Our installation case has been spreaded over than 80 countries in the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Panama, etc. Here is a part of successful cases:

Trampoline park equipment in Turkey shopping mall

Comprehensive Indoor Playground In Turkey
This is a large indoor playground that is installed in one of the shopping mall in Turkey. The client send us the inquiry and we provide one-stop project solution for the customer. Now, the project has opened for few months and it is well welcomed by local visitors.

Ocean theme indoor playground in Saudi Arabia

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground at Saudi Arabia
This is Our customer from Saudi Arabia want to start indoor plyground business in the local shopping center in Saudi Arabia, so they find Beston Rides. This is a large ocean themed comprehensive indoor playground combine with trampoline park area. Ocean theme makes the whole indoor playground solution more attractive in their local place.

Indoor playground installation in Indonesia

1850㎡ Indoor Playground In Indonesia
This is a space themed indoor playground that is customized by Indonesia client in the city of Cilegon. It is located in a shopping mall. Now the installation work has been finished and the client is satisified with the final effect.

6 Features of Large-size Indoor Playground Equipment

Increased Capacity
Large-size indoor playground equipment can accommodate more children simultaneously, allowing for greater capacity and reducing wait times during peak hours.
Variety of Activities
With more space available, large indoor playgrounds can offer a wider variety of play structures and activities.
Safety and Supervision
Larger playgrounds often have dedicated staff members or monitors who supervise the play area more effectively.
Entertainment for All Ages
Large indoor playgrounds can cater to children of various age groups, from toddlers to older kids.
Weather Resilience
Unlike outdoor playgrounds, large indoor playgrounds provide a weather-proof environment, allowing children to play regardless of the weather conditions outside.
Community Hub
Large indoor playgrounds often serve as community hubs, offering a space for families to gather, socialize, and connect.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Large Indoor Playground?

Generally speaking, start a new large indoor playground business with cost much little than the outdoor park project. Especially the cost on the indoor playground equipment. In Beston Rides, the price of these indoor playground equipment mainly ranging from 150 usd to 300 usd.
Kiddie Rides Cost
The price mainy influence by the following factors
We are factory = Beston Indoor Plagyround Equipment Has Competitive Cost.
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
04.Delivery distance

Customer Reviews About Beston large Indoor Playground Equipment

With professional designer, sales, installation and maintance team, Beston Rides has helped many clients successed in this industry. Each step of the project, our team will provide professional service. Most of customers are satisified with our products and service.
From Saudi
Customer Review from Turkey
Ocean Theme Indoor Playground
From Uzbekistan
Customer Review from India
Indoor Playground

3 Advantages to Consider When Starting a large Indoor Playground

When you want to start a new indoor playground, if the budget is not limitted. We suggest a large indoor playground maybe better than the smaller indoor plagyround, on one hand, large indoor playground is much more attractive than smaller indoor playground,we can add more activities. On the other hand, the freshness of large indoor playground is longer than that of small ones. For more advantages, following these:

Diversified income sources
In addition to admission fees, large indoor playgrounds can increase revenue through various means. For example, services such as birthday party packages, food and beverage sales, and sales of peripheral products can be provided to further increase profits. Additionally, partnerships with schools, kindergartens, and other organizations can be considered to host educational or special events, attracting more customer groups.

Stable demand market
Large playgrounds are often part of children’s amusement parks, and the market for children’s entertainment has always been a steadily growing industry. Parents are willing to provide safe and fun entertainment venues for their children, and large inflatable playgrounds meet this demand perfectly. The demand for these children’s entertainment facilities persists in both urban and rural areas, so investors can rely on this stable market for long-term returns.

Low cost and high profit
Compared to other large amusement facilities, the cost of building and maintaining large inflatable playgrounds is relatively low. Once the facility is built, the income from each admission fee often quickly covers the initial investment and generates substantial profits. Additionally, since inflatable playgrounds are often seasonal businesses, special events or discounts can be offered to attract customers during the off-season, further increasing profits.

Large Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer- Beston Rides

As a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, we are aiming at provide our clients one-stop large indoor playground solution. Beston Rides donot just manufacturing – we’re dedicated to crafting immersive indoor playground experiences. From innovative designs to meticulous safety standards, we ensure every detail is tailored to delight both children and parents alike. Contact us to start your indoor playground design.

5 Feature Service from Beston Rides

Beston Services
Color matching
Colorful color and style combinations have strong visual impact and stimulate children’s interest in play.
It has multiple functions and integrates amusement, sports, fun and fitness to fully meet the needs of children. It has high playability and attracts customers.
Rich industry experience and professional design team provide customized and differentiated services according to customer needs.
It is not restricted by the site. It can be installed whether it is indoors or outdoors, or in irregular sites. Management and maintenance are simple and convenient.
First-class environmentally friendly materials are selected, and every production link is carefully controlled to create a safe, environmentally friendly and happy children’s paradise.

FAQ for Large Indoor Playground Equipment

What is large indoor playground equipment?
Large indoor playground equipment typically refers to structures and installations found within indoor play areas designed for children. These playgrounds often feature various structures and equipment to facilitate physical activity, exploration, and imaginative play.
Structures of large indoor playground?
1. Full frame structure (suitable for small areas and outdoor needs combined with a roof)
2. Semi-frame architecture (frame and electric combination, also called open structure, the most commonly used solution now, with an area ranging from tens to hundreds of square meters)
3. Frameless structure
4. No frame and no electric power (suitable for venues with small area and limited room height)
5. Expandable indoor playground
These can be used as part of a large indoor playground to enrich the activities of a large indoor park.
Popular themes of your large indoor playground equipment?
We have more than 10 different themes for clients to choose, including ocean theme, forest theme, snow theme, jungle theme, sports theme, macron theme, pirate ship theme, candy theme, etc. We also accept customization.
How to start a large indoor plagyround?
When you want to start a large indoor playground, you can follow these steps:
1. Research market demand and competition.
2. Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining concept, target market, and financial projections.
3. Secure funding through loans, investors, or grants.
4. Find a suitable location with ample space and high foot traffic.
5. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.
6. Design the layout and theme of the playground, ensuring safety and accessibility.
7. Purchase equipment, including slides, ball pits, and climbing structures.
8. Hire qualified staff, including supervisors and maintenance personnel.
9. Implement marketing strategies to attract customers, such as social media campaigns and promotional events.
10. Open doors, providing a fun and safe environment for children to play and families to enjoy.
Popular programs for large indoor playground equipment in the factory?
Slides, ocean ball pools, trampolines, electric games, etc.
Large indoor playground equipment packing and shipping?
We use bubble film and black cotton packaging, wooden boxes and iron frames, parts bags or cartons can be packaged according to requirements to ensure that the products are not exposed during transportation.
Generally, a 200 square meters indoor playground is equipped with a 40 HQ. The specific cabinet installation is based on the actual situation.
Do you have successful installation case in our country?
Yes, we have many successful installation cases in different countries, including, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. Contact us to get the project information in your city.
Large indoor playground process?
Provide site information(including site drawing, we can provide site measurement,)
Design and confirmation
Production of the equipment
Shipping and
On-site installation
Operation tips and marketing strategy
After-sale service

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