Ferris Ring Ride For Sale

We all know that the Ferris ring ride (also called the ring of fire ride and Ferris wheel ring car) are very attractive to the people at all ages, actually, almost every kid wants to have a try. The Ferris ring ride is classic, it is cool, but for a amusement park owner, it may be little “huge” for installation. So, the small Ferris ring ride which was developed by Beston came in game. It is a kind of thrill ride which is seen by people at the amusement, theme, funfair and carnival parks. If you are interested with this Ferris ring ride for sale, please Email Beston to get a free quote on our website.

mini fire ball ride for sale

The Amusement Rides Manufacturer – Beston

Where there is a need for building fun, there is Beston for you.

Beston is a leading amusement rides supplier which has been founded decades ago. Beston focus on updating the fun grade of amusement rides for years, the rides supplied by Beston were sold to the customers who were very satisfied by our service and products.

The Small Ring of Ferris Ride

The small ring of ferris ride mainly consists of two circular tracks that were adjoined by a motor powered pole, and there is a support post which contacted a vehicle in each circular track.  When the motor get started, the vehicle was drove and moved fast but safely, people on the ride will feel exciting and thrilling.

The Features:

1. Low requirement for the space.

2. Safety designs make sure every rider’s safe, and our after-sale team will help every customer with installation.

3. Quality products at cheap prices.

Specifications Of Beston Small Ferris Ring Ride For Sale:

small fire ball rides for sale

Item Number: QLFS-RF

Seats: 12 seats
Power: 16 KW
Height: 11 m
Diameter: 10 m
Area: 12*6 m

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