Electric Bumper Cars For Sale

Do you want to buy electric bumper cars with high quality in an affordable price? Beston supply different kinds of electric bumper cars for amusement parks.

We all know that electric dodgem cars are famous and popular amusement rides can be used in amusement parks, carnivals, fairground parks and some indoor play centers.

Electric bumper cars are very easy to drive and play, from adults to children, they all can have fun with families and friends by driving this amusement rides.

Electric Bumper Cars
B009-PPC01 Ceiling Grid Bumper Car For Sale

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Inside Bumper Cars
B009-PPC02 Indoor Bumper Cars For Sale

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Classification of Different Electric Bumper Car

Here are two types electric bumper cars from Beston is selling hot. The first type is ceiling grid bumper car, the other is ground grid bumper cars.

Ceiling grid electric bumper cars get power from a wire equipped at the back of the bumper car body. While, the ground grid electric bumper cars can get through electric power from the conductive floor.

These two kinds of electric bumper cars can be regarded as indoor and outdoor amusement rides for some amusement parks or indoor play centers.

Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars

The ceiling grid bumper cars are the first generation bumper cars. They are very classic. Many amusement park owners still add this type of bumper cars at their parks and funfairs so far. The ceiling grid system consists of the conductive floor, ceiling and poles.

To form a complete circuit and run the system, each of the floor and the ceiling contacts a separate power polarity. A conductive pole on the back of the vehicle draws current from the ceiling. The electricity runs a motor in bumper car body and the motor drives the wheels to rotate.

Electric Dodgem Car
Buy B009-PPC01 Ceiling Grid Bumper Car

Model: B009-PPC01
Size: 1.92*1.1*0.8 meters
Number of seats: 2 people
Weight: 150 kg
Speed: 6-11 kilometers per hour
Power: 230 watts
Voltage: 380 volts
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Electric Ride on Bumper Car
Buy B010-PPW2TW Ceiling Grid Dodgem Cars

Model: B010-PPW2TW
Rated operating voltage: DC90V
Rated operating current: 4.5A/unit
Rated power: 280W/set
Vehicle speed: 7km/h
Maximum load: 150kg
Dimensions: 1.9×1.2×0.85m
Weight: 230kg
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Ground Grid Bumper Cars

The ground grid bumper cars are getting more and more popular at amusement parks. The ground grid system is made up of conductive strips.

Unlike the ceiling grid bumper cars, the ground grid system doesn’t require a special ceiling. The electricity runs the bumper cars comes from the floor only. The conductive floor consists of three parts: one is the positive strips, one is the negative strips, the other is the insulating spacers.

These strips and spacers are setting alternately in the floor. To form the complete circuit, several conductive brushes under the vehicles are setting properly to cover any two strips mounted opposite polarities.

Motorized Bumper Car
Buy B009-PPC02 Ground Grid Bumper Cars

Model: B009-PPC02
Rated voltage: 45V
Maximum vehicle speed: 1.5m/s
Number of passengers: 2 people (120kg)
Dimensions: 1.920m×1.115m×0.85m
Net weight: 204kg/set

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Electric Bumper Cars
Buy B010-PPW2DW Ground Grid Bumper Car

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Electric Dodgem Car
Buy BJ-PP01 Ground Grid Bumper Car

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Ground Grid Bumper Cars V.S. Battery-Operated Bumper Cars

Now, with the battery is used in many other field, bumper cars manufacturers make use of battery to supply power for bumper cars. That saves a lot of electricity.

Ground Grid Bumper Cars
Buy B010-PPW2DW Ground Grid Dashing Cars

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Battery Operated Bumper Cars
Buy B009-PPC03 Battery Bumper Car

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But compared with the battery-powered bumper cars, the ground grid bumper cars are more thrilling. You could have more crazy feel. Do you know why? That’s because the special materials of ground grid bumper cars. It car body is more stable than the battery one.

In addition, the ground net bumper car field is shed type. In the shed, its floor is specially made, which fully meets the conditions of use of the ground net bumper car.

When two bumper cars collide, the collision distance between them is farther than other types of bumper cars, the impact force is greater, and the experience it brings to people is different.

Features of Electric Bumper For Sale

Adult Bumper Cars
B010-PPW2TW Adult Bumper Cars For Sale

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  • High quality material.
    Beston select high quality material in manufacturing and producing electric bumper cars. For bumper car bodies, we use FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). This material is very portable and can be used in many times. For the frame of bumper car, we use strong steel. Our electric dodgem cars have a long lifetime. Welcome to Email us to get more information about electric bumper cars .
  • Multi functions.
    Electric dodgem cars from our factory is interesting with many entertainment functions. Beston electric bumper cars are equipped with many colorful and shinning LED lights on the bumper car body. Plus, we add wonderful audio music system inside the car. When this fun fair ride is activated, people can enjoy the exciting music while driving bumper cars.
  • Best service from our company.
    You will get the best service when purchasing our electric bumper cars. Beston supply best pre-sale service and after sale service. We also supply related pictures and video about our product. If you have any problems about our electric bumper cars, you could contact us, Beston are very pleased to help you.

Electric Bumper Car Cost

As is known to us now, bumper cars is suitable for everyone whether indoor or outdoor.. And you could believe that the production costs of our company are much less than other manufacturers. We adopt different ideas of design. And our price is affordable.

Electric Bumper Cars
B010-PPW2DW Ground Grid Dashing Cars For Sale

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Owing to the low costs and light car body, the transportation fee is also reduced the extra unnecessary fee. Buying a bumper car in Beston will save you a lot of money, won’t it?

Each different product refer to different price, if you are interested in electric bumper cars, contact us immediately and we will send you products quotations.

Leading Electric Bumper Car Manufacturer – Beston

Beston is a leading and famous electric bumper car manufacturer and supplier from China. With more than 20 years experiences in designing and manufacturing, Beston become a reliable and famous brand in China.

Electric Bumper Car details
Feedback of Beston Electric Dodgem Car

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Best Electric Bumper Car Manufacturers
Top Electric Bumper Car Manufacturers

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If you are looking for an electric bumper cars manufacturer to cooperate, Beston Company is your reliable partner. Our electric bumper cars not only sells well in China, and in recent years, we have many successful cases, and Beston electric bumper cars are exported to many countries overseas.

Such as UK, Australia, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc. We supply different kinds of electric bumper cars with favored and affordable price!

How does Electric Bumper Cars Work?

Electric Bumper Cars
B009-PPC01 Kids Bumper Cars For Sale

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As we all know that, bumper cars are the most famous and popular amusement park rides for all ages people. In the beginning, bumper cars are invented as an electric powered fairground car rides for parks. And it was named as dodgem cars. How does electric bumper cars work?

Electric dodgem cars are designed with large rubber bumpers all around the car body so that when passengers drive and crash with each other, the force of the collision is reduced from the rubber bumper.

Electric bumper cars should get electric power from special conductive floor or ceiling by a wire grid in the top of the ride carried by a pole at the back of the car.

The electricity carried to the car from the electric grid converts to kinetic energy. If you are interested with this electric bumper cars from Beston, please contact us to get more information about this ride.

Electric Bumper Cars
BJ-PP02 Electric Dodgem Car For Sale

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Above all, electric bumper cars has its own features. You can choose different styles of electric bumper cars according to your preferences. Then we will provide the corresponding product details to you.

Beston is now a famous brand known by people from all over the world. Speak without humility, we are the leading of manufacturers of amusement rides in China. All the time, we promises to exchange the lowest price for highest quality. We also want to establish a good cooperative relationship with you.

After you understand the corresponding product introduction and parameters, if you have any questions, you can contact us. Looking forward your early query!

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