Drop Tower For Sale

Drop tower is a big dropping tower, a type of thrill amusement ride which combine the big drop with a central structure. It varies in height, lift, brake and passenger capacity. The drop tower usually drop freely, so we also call it the free fall tower. Clients could custom one for their business. For this ride, riders will experience free-fall first, followed by the rapid heavy deceleration. Frog hopper is a smaller version of the drop tower. It is mainly designed for kids which is safe enough for them. As for its special model, it will cover a small area. It is an ideal amusement equipment for the amusement and theme parks. If you are interested with this drop tower for sale, please contact us right now.

Specifications Of Beston Drop Tower For Sale:

BADT-24A Free Fall Drop Tower Thrill Ride

Free fall ride drop tower
Beston Drop Tower Thrill Ride For Sale


Model: BADT-24A
Area: 21m×13 m
Height: 60 m
Lifting height: 50m
Speed: 22.1m/s
Capacity: 24 people

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BADT-12A Free Fall Drop Tower Frog Hopper Ride

Kids 4 face drop tower ride
Beston Droping Tower Ride For Kids With 12 Seat


Model: BADT-12A
Area: 6m×5 m
Height: 8.3 m
Lifting height: 6m
Speed: 22.1m/s
Capacity: 12 people

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BNST-24A Samba Tower Ride

Samba tower ride
BNST-24A Samba Balloon Drop Tower Ride From Beston


Model: BAST-24A
Area: 12m×5 m
Height: 12 m
Lifting height: 11m
Capacity: 24 people
Voltage: 380V

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It  is a special drop tower which could carrying the riders to the top of a large vertical structure. And then released to fall down. During which the brakes works to slow the ride as it approaches the bottom. This brake system really present riders more entertainment.

Safety: Each seat is bonded with a safety belt to promise the safety of the rides.

Advantages Of Beston Drop Tower Rides:

  1.  Material: fiberglass reinforce plastic which will promise the stability and safety of the drop tower.
  2.  Size and color can be customize.
  3.  Some of the tower rides are equipped with gorgeous light and beautiful music which will create a definite atmosphere for passengers.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain. Our after-sale teams will help our customers with installation.
  5. Professional drop tower designer and technician in Beston Amusement.
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