Double-decker Carousel Sold to the Philippines

We had received the 46 seats double-layer carousel ride order from the Philippines customer. Now the equipment is in the tense production stage, after the production is completed and the equipment has undergone a series of quality inspections, we will be ready to ship to the customer on time. Are you interested in a two layer carousel? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for more information now!

Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines
46 Seater Double Decker Carousel Ride to the Philippines

How Customer Find Us the Requirement?

The customer from the Philippines find us from our website when searching online, they want to buy a grand carousel for their amusement park project. During online browsing, they found our website, and after learning about our carousel equipment, they sent us an inquiry to get more information from us.

After received the inquiry, our sales manager contact with the customer as soon as possible. After communication with the customer, we got that they need a large capacity carousel ride for their project, so we suggest several carousel equipment to the customer which including two types of double-layer carousel, the customer was very interested in our double-deck carousel.

Two Layer Carousel Ride
2 Decker Carousel Ride
Beston Carousel Ride with Two Layer
Beston Carousel Ride with Two Layer
Beston Double Decker Carousel Ride
Double Decker Carousel With Ocean Theme

Selection of the Carousel Horses

After confirmed the carousel type, we confirmed more details with the customer, about the choice of horses, the color of carousel, the delivery date and a series of questions. Before signing the contract, the clients confirmed the carousel horse selection with us. At last, we confirmed 11 sets of mini carousel horses and 9 sets of big carousel horses for the upper layer, 11 mini carousel horses, 9 medium-sized carousel horses and two carriages for the lower layer. Here are the pictures of Beston carousel horses and carriages.

Selection of the Carousel Horses
Final Selection of the Carousel Horses

Video and Parameter of Beston 46 Seater Carousel

Here is the running video of our 46 seater double-decker carousel ride and general parameters, for more information about this carousel ride, welcome to contact Beston Amusement Rides directly.

Capacity 46 persons
Power 7.5kw
Working Voltage 400v, 60hz
Size of the Equipment 12.4 m*11 m
Cover Area 13*13 m (With fence)

Production Processes of the Carousel

After confirming the order, we arranged the production soon. We strictly control the details of production to ensure the quality of carousel equipment. Now the production process of the double-decker carousel is coming to an end, after everything is finished, we will arrange the packing and shipping details soon.

Support of the Double Decker Carousel Rides
Support of the Double Decker Carousel Ride
Fiberglass of the Carousel Ride
Fiberglass of the Double Layer Carousel Ride
46 Seater Carousel Ride Carriage
Carriage for Double Decker Carousel

Beston Amusement

As a professional amusement park designer and amusement rides manufacturer, Beston is able to design new amusement parks for customer and also able to customize new amusement rides to customers. Our amusement park project has been installed at more than 80 different countries and our amusement rides has been exported to more than 6000 different parks in the world. Welcome to contact us to start your new project now!

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