Customized Indoor Playground Installed at Malaysia

Hello, everyone, welcome to this page to know more about Beston cases in Malaysia. Here is the customized indoor playground equipment for Malaysia customer. It has been shipped to our customer on December 22, 2021. Now it has been arrived to our customer and installed in their place. The indoor playground will be opening soon. Beston hope everything goes well and hope this kids indoor playground equipment will bring them more tourists.

Customized Indoor Playground Equipment In Malaysia
Customized Indoor Playground Equipment for Malaysia

Details of The Indoor Playground

We received the customer’s message on our website that we know that they want to build a new indoor playground in a shopping center. They got the site and want to design a new kiddie indoor playground equipment with an area of 220 m². Our sales manager, designer and Malaysia customer communicate with each other for several days. Finally, we confirmed the indoor playground scheme. As soon as possible, our factory arranged the manufacturing process.

Indoor Playground Final Design for Malaysia
Indoor Playground Final Design for Malaysia Customer
Final Design of Malaysia Indoor Playground
Final Design of Malaysia Indoor Playground

Beston Indoor Playground Equipment Video

Feedback and Customer Reviews

Installation of the indoor playground equipment just finished today, thanks to Beston Team. They are professional. From the indoor playground design to installation, we really relieved and save a lot of budgets. They also provide us promotion plan. Soon, it will be open, and I will send them the latest news about our playground.

Other Service from Beston Group

Except the indoor playground design, Beston Amusement also provide outdoor amusement park design. If you are planning to build a new park or funfair, welcome to contact Beston for more. Beston also provide operation service, we have professional operation team to help customer’s to run to new park. Do not hesitate to communicate with Beston Amusement.

What Beston Provide About the Indoor Playground

  • Size from 100 square meters to 1000 or even more large square meters you can customize.
  • Most of the candy themed indoor playground equipment mainly use pink color, buy you can change it according to your requirement.
  • We also have other themes for you to choose.
  • Except Malaysia, Beston indoor playground equipment has been exported to many countries, such as Pakistan, Nigeria, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan etc. Do you want to build a new indoor playground? Have problems on designing? Contact Beston Amusement now!

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