Clown Train Inspection for Uzbekistan Customer

Latest news, the clown trackless train ride for Uzbekistan customers has been finished the installation process. Not too long ago, our sales manager went to the factory to inspect the train (the operation of the equipment and the detailed inspection). After the inspection of the clown trackless train is completed, we will arrange the delivery according to the delivery time that agreed with the customer, and the train will be sent to Uzbekistan soon.

Inspection On Clown Trackless Train for Uzbekistan
On-site Inspection of Clown Trackless Train

How Does the Customer Find Beston Amusement?

Last month, customers saw our website on the Internet. After browsing our trackless train on the website, the customer is interested in several series of trackless train rides, so they send us an inquiry and want to know the specific price for these trackless trains. After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our business manager quickly got in touch with the customer.

Communication Details with Customer

During the communication with the customer, our sales manager learned that the customer needs a children’s trackless train that is suitable for the shopping mall, so after understanding the specific needs of the customer, our sales manager quickly formulated a suitable shopping mall price list according to the customer’s needs. The quotation sheet of the trackless train mainly include specific parameters and specific prices for each trackless train. After reading the quotation, the customer is interested in two models of the train, one of which is the clown train, so the sales manager sent the customer a specific product operation video and some customer feedback. After a series of communications, the client chose the clown train.

Clown Trackless Train for Uzbekistan
Clown Trackless Train Ride for Uzbekistan Customer
Uzbekistan Clown Trackless Train
Uzbekistan Customer’s Clown Trackless Train Ride

Beston’s Clown Trackless Train Video

In the process of communicating with the customer from Uzbekistan, we sent the running video of the clown trackless train to the customer. The clown trackless train is a very popular train in our company, and many customers have reported that many children in their local amusement park are attracted by its appearance. Here is our trackless train exhibition workshop.

Inspection On Clown Trackless Train

After receiving the customer’s order, we quickly arranged the factory to start the production process. Since many materials are in stock, the production of the clown train will be completed in about two weeks. After the production is completed, the corresponding sales manager will personally go to the factory to check the train is inspected to check whether the small train meets the requirements of Uzbekistan customers. The following are the details of the inspection by our business manager and engineer.

Clown trackless train tire
Clown Trackless Train Tire
Inspection Details of Clown Trackless Train
Inspection Details of Clown Trackless Train
Connector of clown trackless train
Connector of Clown Trackless Train

Follow-up Arrangements for This Order

After the inspection is completed, we will package and deliver the goods according to the delivery time agreed with the Uzbekistan customer to ensure that the small train can reach the customer on time. Subsequent shipments and customer feedback pictures and videos will be updated on this page soon.

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