Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery operate bumper cars for sale, one of the most kiddie rides that is hot-sale in Beston. It is equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing functions. The battery type bumper car has a built-in battery and can be driven on a full charge. Want to buy some new battery bumper cars? Contact Beston Amusement for details now!

Beston Battery Powered Bumper Cars

As a leading bumper cars manufacturer and supplier. We have many different types of battery bumper cars for sale. Some of them are used for kids, some of them can be used for adults, some of them are made of inflatables while others are made of FRP materials. The battery type bumper cars from us also accept customization on colors, theme and logo. Which types of battery powered bumper cars are you interested? Choose from the following type now!

Kids Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Kids battery type bumper cars are smaller than the adults size battery bumper cars. The shapes of children’s battery bumper cars are more diverse and can have many cartoon styles, such as dogs, cats, pandas, etc.
Kids type battery bumper car rides

Adults Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

The shape of adult battery bumper cars is more popular, and there are not so many cartoon shapes, but the shape of adult battery bumper cars is more classic. Generally, adult bumper cars are two-seater, and can ride 1 adult and 2 children at the same time.
Adults sized battery bumper car rides for sale

Inflatable Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Inflatable battery bumper car is a special bumper car in our factory. It is more economical for investors. Almost all types of inflatable types bumper cars are battery powered. They are much cheaper than the common battery bumper cars. From Beston Amusement, you can get three different sizes inflatable battery bumper cars which including small, medium and large. Which one do you want?
Inflatable type battery bumper cars

General Parameters of Battery Bumper Cars

Product Classic Battery Bumper Car
Capacity 2 person Weight 200KG
Speed 6-10km/h Size 1.95*1.95*0.96m
Voltage 220V/DC48v Lifespan 8-10 years
Color Shown in the picture or customized according to your requirement
Battery powered bumper car ride

Application of Battery Bumper Car Rides

The battery bumper car is a type bumper car that can run independently by relying on the battery. It is more affordable than the electric bumper car. The battery bumper car for sale is powered by the battery to make the motor run. The battery bumper car does not require special site configuration. It can be used as long as it is fully charged. Very convenient, the general material is: the chassis is steel, and the outer shell is glass fiber reinforced plastic. Battery bumper cars are used in many indoor and outdoor occasions, such as playgrounds, children’s playgrounds, parks, squares, shopping malls and other places.

Battery bumper cars suitable for theme park

Theme Park

Battery powered bumper car suitable for funfair


Battery bumper car suitable for city parks

City Parks

Battery bumper car suitable for indoor park

Indoor Park

Battery bumper cars suitable for residential area

Residential Area

Battery bumper cars suitable for business district

Business District

Battery bumper cars can be used for squares

Theme Park
City Park
Indoor Park
Residential Area
Business District

Battery Bumper Cars Videos from Beston

This area mainly displays the running videos of some battery bumper cars, some of which are trial running videos, some are videos of testing before delivery to customers, and some are feedback videos sent by customers. Here we show you more ways to know about our battery bumper cars.

Latest Cases of Battery Bumper Cars

Our battery operated bumper cars has exported to more than 30 countries. Some of them are used in the amusement parks and funfairs, some of them are used in the shopping centres and other indoor places. Here is a part of battery bumper cars cases from Beston.

Inflatable battery bumper cars ship to Canada

12 Sets of Battery Bumper Cars to Canada
Not too long ago, 12 sets of battery bumper cars has been finished their manufacturing process in our factory. They are ordered by one of our customer from Canada. The customer visit our company last month, and except these bumper cars, they also bought some drift cars in stock in our factory. After that, we arranged the manufacturing process soon.

Beston battery bumper cars in Moldova

Feedback of Bumper Cars from Moldova
We received the bumper cars inquiry on the website from our Moldova customer. They want to build a funfair with bumper car in their exist amusement park. So they planning to buy some new battery bumper cars. After the discussion with our sales manager, we received their order on 10 sets of battery bumper car rides. Soon these bumper cars has been sent to them.

Beston battery bumper cars installed at Australia

Battery Bumper Cars Shipping to Australia
These battery bumper cars are purchased by a Australia customer. They want to get some new bumper cars to update their regularly funfair. Some of their bumper cars are old enough. So they find Beston Amusement on the website and after received their inquiry, our sales manager reply them as soon as possible. Here is the packing and shipping details.

Advantage of Choosing Battery Bumper Cars

High ROI
Beston battery bumper cars will get more visitors and get more money for your business.
Bumper Car Funfair Operation
We provide funfair operation plan to customers.
Easy to Operate
Accounting function of our bumper cars: the number of remote control can be displayed on the power display, which is convenient for operation.
Super Service
You will get more values if buying bumper cars from Beston Amusement.
Widely Used
It can drive on cement ground and other grounds, no fixed place is required, and investment risks are reduced.
Attractive Design
Our battery bumper cars are fashionable and cute, can be played indoors in the square, do not need to set the factory, just flat, can be used by two people, rotate, collide.

Features of Beston Battery Type Bumper Cars

The general material of our battery bumper car: the chassis is made of steel, and the outer shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
Rich Colors
Rich colors and 40 groups of lanterns, can be customized according to customer requirements.
High Safety
The steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and plastic used in the body make our battery bumper car more safe and comfortable
Convenient and Flexible
The non-slip handle is convenient and flexible, and can be easily mastered by children over three years old.
Lighting Sysytem
The body is also covered with cool lights, with full-circle lighting effects and LED lights, making the car more attractive to tourists at night.
Speed Setting
The speed setting has 3 gear setting modes: low, medium and high speed respectively, allowing you to control your machine anytime, anywhere.

Cost of Battery Bumper Cars

Unlike the electric bumper car, battery bumper cars can work alone without pave any special ground. So the cost of these bumper cars is very low. Even a few hundred dollars can buy a small bumper car. But when we invest in bumper cars, we can’t just look at its price, we also need to consider the shape, color, manufacturer’s qualifications, after-sales and so on.
Kiddie Rides Cost
All we can guarantee is
We are factory = Beston Battery Bumper Cars Has Competitive Cost
We are not only factory = BESTON supply much better Value
01.Better Quality
02.Competitive Cost
03.Comprehensive After-sales Service
04.More Amusement Rides Selection

Customer Reviews

The battery bumper cars for sale, as one of the most popular amusement park rides in our factory, has been sold to many couhntries. Such as Nigeria, Kenya, USA, UK, Australia, Philippines,Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. Here is the part of customer’s review about Beston’s battery operated bumper cars and service.
From Canada
Thanks for Beston Amusement, the bumper car funfair has been put into operation. From zero to one, Beston really help us a lot. And it really attractive to kids in the shopping mall in Canada. It has been running for more than two months now, everything goes well till now.
Beston Bumper Car Funfair
From Australia
Several weeks ago, we purchased 10 sets battery type bumper cars from Beston Amusement, they comes with different colors. Now these 10 bumper cars had been installed and tested for more than 4 times already, we will put these bumper cars into operation soon.
Beston Bumper Cars

Maintaining Tips for Battery Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are the most frequently used amusement equipment in park amusement projects, so their daily maintenance is very important. Correct maintenance can effectively prolong the use time of vehicles.

Clean Frequently
The battery bumper car should be wiped or cleaned frequently to ensure that it is clean and bright, and waxed (automobile wax) once in a while.

Charging Time
The charging time of the battery should be 10-12 hours. If the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be ensured that its power is sufficient. It is recommended to charge every 15 days.

Motor Driving Wheel
The fixing screw of the motor driving wheel should be checked frequently to make it firm, which is beneficial to the operation of the ride. It is recommended to check once a day.

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is not just a bumper car manufacturer, we also provide many other amusement equipment. In addition to amusement equipment, we also provide the design and operation plan of the park. The battery bumper cars you buy from us are definitely price competitive.

Beston Advice

Beston Services
Acceptance Suggestion
1. The first step: acceptance of equipment transportation integrity.
Open the package and accept it to ensure that the appearance and parts of the equipment are not damaged, and that the wiring is complete.
2. Step 2: Spare Parts Integrity Check.
Unpack the spare parts and check for missing accessories according to the spare parts list (on the back cover of this manual).
Site Construction Advice
It is recommended to use a cement wall with a height of more than 40 cm or use channel steel for the enclosure of the battery bumper car.
Charge Advice
1. Charging step 1: You must first turn off the main power switch of the battery bumper car to charge normally, otherwise the circuit may be burned.
2. Charging step 2: Connect the charger output cable (aviation plug), and then connect the charger power cable to the mains, the power indicator light is on, indicating that the input is normal.
3. Charging step 3: After the battery is fully charged, first disconnect the power cord, and then disconnect the input line.
Computer System Advice
1. The battery bumper car runs too slowly, it may be due to motor failure or serious wear of the friction plate or loose spring.
2. When the chain is used, it should be lubricated with butter, and other oils are strictly prohibited. Friction disc battery bumper cars are strictly prohibited from using any oil for lubrication.
After Sales
1. Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period.
2. Respond to problems within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.

FAQ for Battery Bumper Cars

Capacity of battery bumper cars?
1 seat and 2 seat.
Do you offer installation for battery bumper cars?
Yes, but the battery bumper car is easy to install, you can install them according to the installation video and user manual that we send to you.
Weight limit of your battery bumper cars?
Around 150kg/car.
Weight of the battery powered bumper cars?
Usually 110kg.
How do battery operated bumper cars work?
The working principle of the battery bumper car is very simple. The car body has a built-in battery. When we fully charge the car and start it, we can easily move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, turn left and right, just pedal and hold the steering wheel. 360 degree rotation is also possible. It can be used continuously for 5-6 hours on a single charge. The built-in DC gear motor saves power. The battery bumper car does not require special venue configuration. It can be used as long as it is fully charged. It is very convenient to use and is an indispensable amusement item in every entertainment venue. The speed setting has 3 gear setting modes: low, medium and high speed respectively, allowing you to control your machine anytime, anywhere.

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