Beston Frisbee Ride For Sale

Frisbee, is always seen as a type of thrill ride and a kind of pendulum ride. We also call it the big pendulum. It is a kind of amusement ride which is based on the motion of a fixed pendulum. It mainly consists of a gondola, arm and an axle. If you need a thrill ride for your amusement parks, Beston Frisbee ride is your perfect option.

Pendulum Swing Rides
B023-GB6 Pendulum Swing Rides For Sale

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Extreme Frisbee Ride
B013-GB2301 Extreme Frisbee Ride For Sale

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A Few Things to Know About the Pendulum

The Frisbee Ride
Frisbee Ride Materials

  1. The Beston Frisbee Ride uses high-strength steel in forming the support towers and other load carrying members to ensure the high-level safety.
  2. Easy to operate and maintain by the smart control.
  3. The after-sale teams will execute all the procedures of installation.


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Why Pendulum Swing Rides Are Extremely Much Fun For All

Giant Frisbee Ride
B013-GB2301 Giant Frisbee Ride For Sale

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Frisbee Rides
B013-GB23B Frisbee Rides For Sale

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Pendulum swing rides have a great deal of momentum, however they are also many of the most easy-going rides. They surely get some good height, nonetheless they don’t go past the boundary up inside the air. This will make a lot of people comfortable riding them.

The ship pendulum rides don’t even spin, but there are actually rides that both swing and spin as well. It all depends upon what pendulum ride you imagine is the best for your park.

If you pick a pendulum ride that both swings and spins, you’re speaking about acceleration and rotation. A lot of people would be curious about a ride similar to this since it is exhilarating but still mellow enough.

It’s not a big coaster, and that’s why you see so many individuals of all ages enjoying pendulum rides. Maybe you remember riding them in many cases, too.

Beston Frisbee Amusement Ride

Giant Frisbee Ride

The crazy frisbee ride could carry 30 people. On this pendulum, passengers are able to share the rare shock of overweight and weightlessness while feeling the speed of the experience.

When the passengers rotate with the cockpit, they swing with the swing arm at a large angle, which makes the passengers feel the thrilling and exciting compound fun.

Giant Discovery Ride
B013-GB30A Giant Discovery Ride For Sale

Model: B013-GB30A
Diameter of the turntable: 6.02m
Number of passengers: 30
Operating height: 20.5 m
Turntable speed: ≤8.4 rpm
Swing radius: 13m
Operating speed: ≤56km/h
Single-side swing angle: ≤1000
Number of cabins: 1
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Mini Frisbee Ride

The Beston small Frisbee is very attractive to children because it is definitely cute and safe, the mini Frisbee ride doesn’t need much space and it costs little. The lighting system lights at night, which is very beautiful.

Mini Frisbee Ride
B002-GB6 Mini Frisbee Ride For Sale

Model: B002-GB6
Power supply voltage: 380V/220v
Total power: 9.5kw
Equipment size: 4m*4.5m
Operating height: 1.4m
Running speed: 10r/min
Floor area: 6.5m*5.5m
Crew: 6 people
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Small Frisbee Ride
Want B015-GB6 Small Frisbee Ride

Model: B015-GB6
Area: 4.5*6m
Specification: Upper transmission/6 seats
Voltage: 220 v/380v
Air compressor power: 7.5kw
Total power: 9 kw
Swing angle: 90 degrees
Equipment height: 3.7 m
Operating height: 1.6 m
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23 People 110° Extreme Frisbee Ride

The important pendulum ride is usually one of these elements which make people like your venue and are available back many times in a year. Give your visitors what they desire and they will reward you by spending their funds on your own premises.

Pendulum Amusement Park Ride
B013-GB23A Pendulum Ride For Sale

Model: B013-GB23A
Seat capacity: 23
Voltage:380V, 50Hz
Power: 80kw
Swing angle: ±110°
Height: 13.8m
Running Height: 18m
Area: 14*15m
Container: 2*40HQ
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Pendulum Swing Rides
Buy B038-GB2301 Pendulum Swing Rides

Model: B038-GB2301
Swing speed: 13m/s
Turntable speed: 8 rpm
Operating height: 15.3m
Equipment height: 11.2m
Carrying number: 23 people
Equipment usage: fixed equipment
Number of passenger carrying devices: 1
Single side swing angle: 110°
Drive power: 78.5KW
Acceleration change range: –0.3~3.7g (z direction)
Passengers do not roll
Passenger restrictions: 1.4~1.9 meters tall
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23 People 360° Frisbee Thrill Ride

You can see them at fairs all the time. In reality, while big amusement parks have numerous coasters as well as other large rides, you can expect to see pendulum rides there, too.

One thing all of these rides share is simply because they have fixed pendulums, hence the name. Apart from that, there could be many variations with regards to both function and design.

Frisbee Rides
B013-GB23B Frisbee Rides For Sale

Model: B013-GB23B
Number of passengers: 23
Drive power: 78.5kW
Floor area: 15*14.5m2
Equipment weight: 23.2T
Running height: 20.4m
Rotation angle: 360°
Rotation diameter: 19.8m
Turntable diameter: 5.4m (turntable) speed: 8rpm
Running speed: 13m/s
Number of cabins: 1
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Frisbee Amusement Ride
Buy B038-GB2302 Frisbee Amusement Ride

Model: B038-GB2302
Diameter of turntable: 4.2m
Carrying number: 23 people
Operating height: 19.8m
Design service life: 10 years (from the date of passing the supervision and inspection conclusion for the first time count)
Turntable speed: ≤8r/min
Rotation diameter: 19.8 meters
One-sided swing angle: ≤180°Adapt to passengers: adults and children, those with a height of 1.4-1.9m and healthy persons
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Top-Driven Frisbee Ride v.s. Bottom-Driven Frisbee Ride

What is pendulum energy? They are powered by the drive system and the electrical control system. But now there are two forms of drive system.

The Frisbee Amusement Ride
Want B013-GB3001 Top-Driven Frisbee Ride

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Top transmission pendulum is thriller than the other. This transmission method makes the swing angle of the big pendulum larger. While the passengers rotate with the cockpit, they swing with the swing arm at a large angle, which makes the passengers feel the thrill and excitement of compound fun.

It is because of its transmission device that we need better technology and spend more time. Therefore, the up drived one costs you more money. You can choose the right transmission method according to your budget and your venue.

Using condition of Frisbee Amusement Park Ride

Crazy Frisbee Ride
Buy B038-GB2301 Crazy Frisbee Ride

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The altitude does not exceed 1500m. If it exceeds this altitude, please contact the manufacturer for confirmation.

  • The operating temperature is between -15℃~+40℃, the relative humidity is ≤90% (25℃)
  • It is forbidden to use in thunder and rainy weather.
  • It is prohibited to use in haze, heavy fog, snow and frost weather.
  • When the wind speed is ≥15m/s, the operation should be stopped immediately.

The Leading Frisbee Ride Supplier – Beston

Beston is famous for the high-quality amusement rides they supplied, such as the bumper cars, roller coaster, carousel ride, amusement trains and so on. Among them, Beston offers the most reliable frisbee/big pendulum ride.

Discovery Ride
Beston Pendulum Ride Installtion

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Discovery Ride on
Beston Frisbee Rides Details

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Discovery Ride
Building Beston Frisbee Ride

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When you are performing your research, have a look to the experience and work portfolio of those manufacturers. Choose those which have been with this industry for around five-years, as that’s a warranty these are purveyors of high-quality products.

Nobody can thrive that long in this competitive market and in such a dynamic industry. So, Beston is a good choice, isn’t it?

Tallest Pendulum Rides
B013-GB3001 Frisbee Rides For Sale

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The Frisbee or big pendulum is held up by 4 massive support beams which attach to a hub at the top. A large arm hangs down from the hub at the top and at the end of this arm is a fairly large circular platform with seats lining the perimeter that face toward the center of the platform.

The restraints on the frisbee are standard shoulder harnesses. They are the same harnesses found on a top spin.

All in all, based on many years of experience, we Beston manufactures lots of different amusement rides. Choosing us, you will not regret! Contact us for more information about frisbee ride. We are waiting for you all the time.

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