Beston Frisbee Ride For Sale

Frisbee, is always seen as a type of thrill ride and a kind of pendulum ride. We also call it the big pendulum. It is a kind of amusement ride which is based on the motion of a fixed pendulum. It mainly consists of a gondola, arm and an axle. If you need a thrill ride for your amusement parks, Beston Frisbee ride for sale is your perfect option.

BNPN-24A  24 Seat Thrill Frisbee Ride For Sale

24 Seat big pendulum ride
BNPN-24A Thrill Frisbee Ride For Sale

Model: BNPD-24A

Ride height: 9m
Power: 19KW
Max Speed: 2.5m/s
Capacity: 24persons

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The Leading Frisbee Ride Supplier – Beston

Beston is famous for the high-quality amusement rides they supplied, such as the bumper cars, bumper boats, amusement trains and so on. Beston offered the most reliable Frisbee/big pendulum ride for sale.

The Beston Great Frisbee Ride

The Frisbee or big pendulum is held up by 4 massive support beams which attach to a hub at the top. A large arm hangs down from the hub at the top and at the end of this arm is a fairly large circular platform with seats lining the perimeter that face toward the center of the platform. The restraints on the Frisbee are standard shoulder harnesses. They are the same harnesses found on a Top Spin. Although this ride is thrilling, you should know that the seats are very uncomfortable on this ride and the seat back features a curved headrest that is too small to fit any rider’s heads.

Things about Beston Great Frisbee Ride for Sale

1. The Beston Frisbee Ride uses high-strength steel in forming the support towers and other load carrying members to ensure the high-level safety.

2. Easy to operate and maintain by the smart control.

3. The after-sale teams will execute all the procedures of installation.


30- Seat Frisbee Ride
BNBP-30A Beston Small Frisbee Ride For Amusement

Model: BNBP-30A

Ride height: 16m
Swing angle: ±120°
Max Speed: 21m/s
Capacity: 30persons

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beston frisbee rides for sale cheap

Item Number: QLFS-BFR

Capacity: 24persons
Area: 39.37ft*36.09ft
Swing speed: 410m/min
Max swing: ±120°
height 9.3m 9.5m
Length of steel cube: 36.09ft

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The Beston Small/Mini Frisbee/Pendulum Ride for Sale:

The Beston small Frisbee is very attractive to children because it is definetly cute and safe, the mini Frisbee ride doesn’t need much space and it cost little. The lighting system lights the night, very beautiful.


small frisbee rides for sale cheap

Item Number: QLFS-SFR

Max swing angle: ±300°

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