Ferris Wheel For Sale

Carousel Wheel
Buy B008&020-GM20 20m Ferris Wheel

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Panoramic Wheel
B008-GM65 65m Panoramic Wheel For Sale

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Observation Wheel
B012-GM108 Observation Wheel For Sale

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Ferris wheel for sale is a type of amusement ride, which is named after George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., people also call it the big wheel or giant wheel, is a kind of amusement ride famous for its remarkable structure. It is so giant and special that people see it easily at a glance when they are at a amusement park and it is the most attractive ride in the children’s eyes.

Beston, as the most professional amusement rides supplier in China, focuses on manufacturing various kinds of Ferris wheels for decades. There are many kinds of Ferris Wheel ride in the Ferris wheel manufacturers.

Popular Ferris Wheel Ride

Gondola Wheel
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According to different heights and different needs, our Ferris wheel products are divided into 20 meters, 30 meters, 42 meters, 46 meters, 50 meters, 65 meters, 88 meters, 104 meters, 108 meters, and 120 meters. At the same time, we have double ferris wheel for kids.

Among them, 88 meters or more is basically a large Ferris wheel. We give you various of products. Owing to this, you could choose one you want. Ferris Wheel is not a thrill ride, it is an amusement that you are really enjoy.

The categories of ferris wheel are as follow:

20m Ferris Wheel

As the one of the most popular amusement, the 20-meter Ferris wheel is medium in size, and it is suitable for placement in an amusement park. Of course, Beston, as a leading company with ferris wheel, we have professional team and advanced technical guarantee. So you could trust us to choose what you want.

Mini Ferris Wheel
B008&020-GM20 20m Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

Model: B008&020-GM20
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz
Capacity: 48 persons
Cabin: 12
Turntable diameter: 17.98 m
Power: 18 KW
Height: 20m
Drive motor power: 6 KW
Area: 17*14 m
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30m Ferris Wheel

Compared with 20m ferris wheel, the 30m ferris wheel has a higher height and a wider field of vision. It is also a popular height in Beston. We produce it with high quality and low factory price.

Fairest Wheel
B008-GM30 Fairest Wheel For Sale

Model: B008-GM30
Total height: 30m
Rotation diameter: 26.4m
Rated power: 20KW
Area: 21*23m
Number of cabin: 18
Capacity of cabin: 4
Total: 72 persons
Rated Voltage: 380v/220v
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42m Ferris Wheel

May be 42m ferris wheel is a large amusement ride for us. Or maybe you know that ferris wheel is named as “Three Treasures of Paradise” together with the roller coaster and carousel ride. The ferris wheel operate slowly so that we can have a look at the park. That must be more interesting.

Gondola Ferris Wheel
B008-GM42 42m Ferris Wheel Gondola For Sale

Model: B008-GM42
Total height: 42m
Rotation diameter: 38.4m
Rated power: 25KW
Area: 28*31m
Number of cabin: 24
Capacity of cabin: 4
Total: 96 persons
Rated Voltage: 380v/220v
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49m Ferris Wheel

Especially for amusement park, 49m ferris wheel may be in excellent performance to attract people. We manufacture strictly in order to guarantee the quality. Owing to this, our customers are always satisfied with our products. We are really trustworthy.

Ferris Wheel Rides
B008-GM49 49m Ferris Wheel Ride For Sale

Model: B008-GM49
Rated passengers: 4×32=128 people;
Rated linear speed: 0.204m/s
Rated power: 25kW
Drive power: 18kW
Rated voltage: 380V, 50Hz
Rotation diameter: 45.14m
Equipment height: 49.8m (not including lightning rod)
Floor area: 35*32m
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65m Ferris Wheel

If you look at 65m ferris wheel as a whole, you will find that it like a huge colorful wheel. Actually 65m ferris wheel is a medium size of ferris wheel. Based on advanced technology and professional team, we are skillful in the production of the ferris wheel, including 65m.

Observation Wheel
B008-GM65 65m Observation Wheel For Sale

Model: B008-GM65
Power supply: 380V
Drive power: 26.4KW
Total power: 100KW
Equipment height: 65m
Operating height: 65m
Swing diameter: 59.85m
Capacity: 216 people, 6 people/cabin
Covering: 38m*32m
Cockpits: 36
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88m Ferris Wheel

We usually see the giant ferris wheel in amusement park or funfair. You can see the city scene on it. That may be a relaxing thing for us. We Beston have a professional team to design, manufacture and install the ferris wheel.

Big Wheel Fairground Ride
B008-GM88 88m Big Wheel Fairground Ride For Sale

Model: B008-GM88
Rated passengers: 6*48=268
Rotation diameter: 83m
Air-cooled motor power: 2.2kw
Equipment height: 88m
Oil pump motor power: 37kw
Floor area: 38m*44m
Rated voltage: 380v/50hz
Number of cabins: 48
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Fair Ferris Wheel
B012-GM88 88m Fair Ferris Wheel For Sale

Model: B012-GM88
Total height: 88 meters
Number of cabins: 54 (including air conditioner, walkie-talkie)
Number of passengers in a single cabin: 6
Total number of crew: 54×6=324 people
Operating cycle: 15-18 minutes
Area: 45m×48m
Drive power: 40 kW
Total power: ~90kw (not including lighting)
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Kiddie Ferris Wheel For Sale

Single-Sided Ferris Wheel

As we all know, ferris wheel is a relaxing equipment. Single-sided ferris wheel is designed for child. So, the height is not very high. It is also popular in amusement parks.

Mini Ferris Wheel
B025-GL1002 Mini Single-Sided Ferris Wheel For Sale

Model: B025-GL1002
Area: 5.5m*4.5m Height: 5.5m
Capacity: 10 people (5 cabins)
Voltage: 380v
Power: 3Kw
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Backyard Ferris Wheel For Sale
B002-GL10 Backyard Ferris Wheel For Sale

Model: B002-GL10
Power supply voltage: 380V/220v
Total power: 11kw
Equipment size: 5.1m*2.3m*6m
Running speed: 0.3m/s
Floor area: 8m*5.5m
Crew: 7 people
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Small Ferris Wheel For Sale
B023-GL5 Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

Model: B023-GL5
Rated working voltage: 380V/50HZ
Total power: 4.5Kw
Crew: 10 people
Operating height: 5.4m
Running speed: 2r/min (line speed 0.5m/s)
Total height: 6.5m
Total area of ​​equipment: 6mx5m
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Children's Ferris Wheel For Sale
B025-GL1003 Children’s Ferris Wheel For Sale

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Kiddie Ferris Wheel
B025-GL12 Kiddie Ferris Wheel For Sale

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Double Ferris Wheel

With special design and colorful appearance, double ferris wheel sells well in amusement park. We know that children like watching cartoon. So, it is no doubt that the amusement could attract their visions.

Double Ferris Wheel Picture
B025-GL2001 Double Ferris Wheel Kiddie Ride For Sale

Model: B025-GL2001
Area: 6.5m*4.5m
Height: 5.5m
Capacity: 20 people (10 cabins)
Voltage: 380v
Power: 5.5Kw
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Features of Beston Ferris Wheel For Sale

The Observation Wheel
Buy B008-GM42 42m Observation Wheel

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High Roller Ferris Wheel
Buy B055-GM108 108m High Roller Ferris Wheel

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  • Seats can be customized
  • Different heights and colours to meet your need
  • Reliable quality with long service time at cheap prices
  • Great after-sale staff team ensure the easy installation, safe operation and easy maintenance.
  • Lighting system for free

Gondola Wheel Design

Fair Park Ferris Wheel
Designs of B008&020-GM20 Fair Park Ferris Wheel

  1. All the materials of the Ferris wheel use the national standard seamless steel pipe.
  2. And the steel pipes at the connection parts of all parts are all closed to avoid internal corrosion and increase the service life.
  3. Overall shot blasting after welding to remove rust, improve paint adhesion, corrosion resistance, and prolong service life.
  4. CNC blanking of all parts, accurate size, neat and beautiful appearance.
  5. Welds of important parts are processed after the overall flaw detection after welding to improve the overall internal quality and accuracy of the product.
  6. Among all the amusement park rides, ferris wheel owns the most complicated steel structure.

Gondola Wheel Safety Design

Meanwhile, in order to ensure the safe operation, some safety designs need considering. The main measure is to set safety interlocks. When the loading operations are in progress, the interlocks prevent the ferris wheel from revolving.

How much is the Observation Wheel

Ferris Wheel Carousel
Buy B008-GM46 46m Ferris Wheel Carousel

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High Roller Ferris Wheel Cost
B055-GM104 104m High Roller Ferris Wheel Cost

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Awarded as the leader of amusement ride manufacturer, Beston focuses on quality, and supplemented by service. As one of our popular products, ferris wheel sells very well.

At the same time, as we know, the higher the amusement, the more capacity it need. So the energy system costs much. Therefore, we use advanced materials to guarantee the quality. We adopt different ideas to design its appearance. Those all need the cost.

As you see, our price is reasonable and worthy. On the other hand, we offer detailed instruction on how to use and maintain the equipment. Choose us you will not be disappointed.

Where are Ferris Wheels Made?

Now more and more people pursuit relaxing thing. They go to amusement park to enjoy themselves. Thus, ferris wheel can provide them different feel. They could see the whole green scenery and chat with others on it.

Panoramic Wheel
B008-GM30 30m Panoramic Wheel For Sale

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Do you want to know where are the ferris wheel made?

Ferris Wheel on Building
Production of Ferris Wheel

Build Your Own Observation Wheel
Observation Wheel Built

As a manufacturers, among so many ferris wheel companies, Beston has its own characteristics. Our factory produce lots of ferris wheel every month. And we also export them to other countries.

In order to meet customers’ needs as much as possible, we will ask using condition in detail and change parts of our ferris wheel carefully for your special order. We, Beston, a excellent manufacturer, always make products with high quality.

What Can You See From the Observation Wheel?

High Roller Observation
Want B008-GM49 49m Fair Wheel

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Have you ever felt the feeling of being in the air? When you sit on the Ferris wheel and look down below, you will feel that everything is so small. People often like this feeling. Fast-paced life requires us to slow down in our leisure time and enjoy what life is like.

Therefore, in order to meet people’s needs, the Ferris wheel is a choice. Unlike stimulating amusement equipment, the Ferris wheel may take a long time to work, but you can think about many things on it. That’s very interesting, isn’t it?

The High Roller Observation Wheel
Want B055-GM104 104m High Roller Observation Wheel

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Giant Observation Wheel
B012-GM120 120m Ferris Wheel Gondola For Sale

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Above all, the most important thing is to choose a better manufacturer. Therefore, for us, we have years of experience and professional skills.

We are willing to apply these advanced technologies to products, and use the most advanced materials and the best production team to ensure every step of the production of the product.

Especially the ferris wheel, we have received great praises from our clients. If you are interested in panoramic wheel or you have any question on it, you could contact with us! We are happy to answer for you. Meanwhile, we are Looking forward to your inquiry!

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