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Ferris wheel  for sale is a type of amusement ride, which is named after George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., people also call it the big wheel or giant wheel, is a kind of amusement ride famous for its remarkable structure. It is so giant and special that people see it easily at a glance when they are at a amusement park and it is the most attractive ride in the children’s eyes. A Ferris wheel is always a symbol of a city, such as the High Roller to the Las Vegas. It is a nonbuilding structure which consisting of a rotating upright wheel. It is also an observation ride for passengers. Usually it will be placed at the amusement parks and other entertainment sites for entertainment use.

Specifications Of Beston Large Vintage Ferris Wheels:

vintage ferris wheel for sale cheap

Item Number: QLFS-VFW

Height: 20 m/89 m
Power: 12 kw/140 kw (without lighting)
Voltage: 380 V
Cabin No.: 12/49
Capacity: 48/294

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BNFW-196A Beston Large Antique Ferris Wheel For Sale

Large ferris wheel for sale
Beston Large Antique Ferris Wheel For Sale

Item Number: BNFW-196A

Height: 89m
Area: 26*26m
Power: 15KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 49 Cabins
Capacity: 196 persons

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Vintage ferris wheel
Big Vintage Ferris Wheel Ride For Amusement Park

Item Number: BNFW-168A

Height: 85m
Area: 24*24m
Power: 15KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 42 Cabins
Capacity: 168 persons

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Applications of Beston mini ferris wheel for sale:

Kiddie ferris wheels can be added at amusement parks, funfairs, carnivals, even the houseyards and supermarkets! Proved high return!


mini ferris wheel for sale cheap

Item Number: QLFS-MFW

Diameter: 6m
Cabin Number: 5/6/10
Power: 5.5 kw/6 kw
Capacity: 10 persons/12 persons/20 persons
Voltage: 380 V

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  Small Double Face Ferris Wheel For Sale

Double ferris wheel for sale
Double Face Small Ferris Wheel For Kids

Item Number: QLFS-DFW

Diameter: 6m
Cabin Number: 10
Power: 5.5 kw/6 kw
Capacity: 20 Kids
Voltage: 380 V

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Beston, as the most professional amusement rides supplier in China, focuses on manufacturing various kinds of Ferris wheels for decades. There are many kinds of Ferris Wheel ride in the Ferris wheel manufacturers. For example, big Ferris wheel, small Ferris wheel for sale, kids Ferris wheel for sale, double Ferris wheel for sale, antique Ferris wheel for sale and other amusement park Ferris wheel rides. According to the wheel structures, the Ferris Wheel can be divided into four categories below:

ferris wheel for sale

The Vintage/Traditional Ferris Wheel:

The vintage ferris wheel is the most classic ferris wheel, it means majesty and romance. The seats always keep vertical to the ground by gravity

The Observation Wheel:

The observation wheel is more and more popular in some countries. It is quite different from a vintage ferris wheel for the system which remains the seats(capsules) upright to the ground. A observation wheel use a built-in stability system to achieve the goal.

The most famous observation wheel is the London Eye.

The No Spoke Ferris Wheel:

The no spoke ferris wheel with LED systems always lights the night, but this kind of ferris wheel is very expensive to build.

The Small/Mini Ferris Wheel:

A small ferris wheel is also called a mini ferris wheel, kids ferris wheel or kiddie ferris wheel. It is designed for little kids. The small ferris wheel always use high-strength steel and FRP as raw materials. That determines the low weight and the electric drive motor is used as the dynamic device. The kids ferris wheels can be divided into different kinds according to the numbers of arms.

High-quality Ferris Wheels – Beston Supplies

The ferris wheels built by Beston satisfy the customers from all over the world for their reliable quality, cheap prices and adorable appearances.

Features of Beston vintage ferris wheel for sale:

1. Seats can be customized
2. Different heights and colours to meet your need
3. Reliable quality with long service time at cheap prices
4. Great after-sale staff team ensure the easy installation, safe operation and easy maintenance.
5. Lighting system for free

 Applications of Beston Vintage Ferris Wheel For Sale:

The vintage ferris wheel can be added at any amusement park, it will be a Park Star and it is proved that high return will be on your investment.

Features of Beston Mini Ferris Wheel For Sale:

1. The colorful and attarctive shapes
2. The muti-safety designs ensure children’s safety
3. Easy to transport and maintain
4. After-sale staff team will always help you
5. Cost effective
6. Low requirement to the areas and surroundings

Raw materials:

A ferris wheel is made of different raw materials, high-strength steel and aluminum are the most common raw materials.The high-strength steel is used to make the main structural shapes such as the wheel support towers, the chassis, the wheel spokes and crossmembers. Aluminum is mainly used to make the eatrance, the platform, the drive rims and the seats. Beyond these, we consider it very important that rubber, self-skinning polyurethane, Nylon, plastic, carbon and copper should be used in manufacturing a ferris wheel. All of these raw materials are used in making different components according to the applications. For example: the plastic is used in electrical components such as the cables

How to build a ferris wheel:

Structure and Components

reliable ferris wheel for sale

Among all the amusement park rides, ferris wheel owns the most complicated steel structure. It needs lots of caculations include the wheel stability analysis, the spoke cable lapsing analysis and more to ensure safe operation.

A typical Ferris Wheel structure mainly consists of seven parts: trailer chassis, wheel support towers, vertical support posts, lateral support arms, drive rims, wheel spokes and crossmembers, Ferris Wheel seats. To form these parts which are fabricated by the manufacturer, different kinds of structural steel shapes should be used including square tubing, round tubing, aluminum diamond tread plate, angles, channels, and wide-flanged beams.

Exactlly speaking, for any Ferris Wheel manufacturer, they are not able to produce all the components, the components which need to be purchased from other shops or manufacturers can be divided into two categories: the electric components which include the electrical wires, the electric drive motors, the electrical cables, the electrical light bulbs and sockets and the mechanical components which include the brakes, axles, tires, hydraulic cylinders and wheels on the trailer.

Sequence of building

The first step of building a Ferris Wheel is building the chassis.

For a traditional ferris wheel, the chassis equals to the base. Parts of the chassis will be cut to length with the torches or the metal-cutting saws for welding when they are in transportation or assembling. Two vertical support posts which play a role of holding the two wheel support towers will be welded to the forward parts of the chassis.

After all these above have been done, the chassis should be sandblasted and be coated with a rust-inhibiting primer to ensure surface smooth and goodlooking, this also prevents the steel shapes from rusting.

The second step is building the towers.

In order to know well about ferris wheel, we need to know that a ferris wheel designed by an outstanding company requires very complicate calculations to ensure the fully loaded forces from all the aspects can be beared in different conditions. Wheel support towers are the most important load carring members among all the components. So this is a core step to build a ferris wheel.

The wheel support towers consist of huge steel tubings and ladders. The ladders welded along one edge of the steel tubings are used to provide access to the electric components which include electrical brushes and motors. And the wheel support towers and chassis should fit together: the upper sides of the wheel support towers are based on the two support posts, and the lower sides are attached to the hinges on each side of the chassis.

When we raise the wheel support towers to the right position, the hydraulic cylinders should be used. These hydraulic cylinders on the two sides of the big wheel help raising the support towers into vertical position. The hydraulic and electrical lines are protected in the chassis and are joined to the control station which has been already installed.

Beyond these, the key point to provide the side-to-side stability to the ferris wheel is that we will set up the separate lateral support arms. These arms are attached to the upper sides of the wheel support towers

The final step is assemling the spokes

To achieve the goals, the drive rims, crossmembers and the spokes will fit together to form a stack in the factory. The drive rims are circles made of aluminum smaller in diameter than the outer rim. The crossmembers are between the spokes and one of them is attached to the point where the drive rims are attached

After the stack is complished, it will be raised to vertical position and be pinned into the wheel hubs.


When the ferris wheel is nearly assembled, there are some remaining issues to be dealt with:

The mechanical components such as the chassis axles, brakes, tires should be installed.

It is also very important to fabricate the entrance and exit stairs and walkways,the platform and fences, then they will be painted and installed. After the whole wheel is in vertical position, the seats which have been alredy fabricated and painted should be installed into the stack.

The cables consist of the mechanical cables and the electrical cables. Some of the mechanical support cables are installed between the end side of spokes. The rest of mechanical cables are installed between the spokes in pairs and they give additional stability to the ferris wheel. As for the electrical cables, they always travel through the electrical rings and drive motors till they reached the control station.

Safety design

In order to ensure the safe operation, some safety designs need considering. The main measure is to set safety interlocks. When the loading operations are in progress, the interlocks prevent the ferris wheel from revolving.

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