50 Meters Ferris Wheel Ride Feedback from Mexico

Recently, we received the feedback from Mexico customer has the 50 meter ferris wheel ride’s installation work has been finished. After several times of running test, the customer feel satisfied with the quality of our ferris wheel ride. Now let’s learn more about this project:

50 Meter Ferris Wheel Feedback Details
50 Meter Ferris Wheel Installation Picture from Mexico

Customer’s Requirement About the Ferris Wheel Ride

When we received the inquiry from Mexico customer, the customer sends us a ferris wheel ride picture that is shown on our website, this is the customer’s initial demand. But during the communication process, we learned about the customer’s specific site conditions, so after combining the customer’s site conditions with actual needs (capacity, shape, color, and internal configuration of the cockpit), we customized a 50 meter ferris wheel ride for the customer.

50 Meter Ferris Wheel Ride

Some Details About the 50-Meter Ferris Wheel Ride

Because the ferris wheel is customized, so we strictly confirmed the production details with the customer, such as the lighting systems, shape of the gondolas, painting and many other details.

Gondola Selection

Shape of the Gondola: Round shape.
Color of the Gondola: The customer chooses 8 colors for the gondola which including blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, light green, light blue, 32 gondolas in total.

Painting Requirements

Since the 50-meter Ferris wheel ride will be placed outdoors, in order to prevent rainwater corrosion, we suggest the customer that all spray paints of the Ferris wheel need to have anti-corrosion functions.

Lighting System

Customers have high requirements for lighting, we strictly produce according to the video lighting selected by customers, and customers are also very satisfied with the night lighting effect after installation.

Shipping and Installation Details

After the production of all parts of the ferris wheel is completed, we will deliver the goods according to the time agreed with the customer. During the loading process of the equipment, we strictly abide by the packaging standards of the equipment to reduce the wear and tear of the goods during transportation. After the ferris wheel ride arrived in Mexico, we also sent installation engineers to Mexico to guide the installation of equipment for customers in time.

Shipping of ferris wheel ride gondolas
50 meter ferris wheel ride packing and shipping
50 meter ferris wheel ride installation feedback

Other Ferris Wheel Ride for Customer to Choose

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China. You can get ferris wheel ride with different heights in our factory. Except the 50 meter ferris wheel ride, you can also find 20 meters, 30 meter, 42 meters, etc. At the same time, we accept customization on the color, size. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

Beston Ferris Wheel Ride With 20 Meter
30 Meter Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale from Beston

Whole Park Solution from Beston

Are you confused in investing amusement park business? Do you want to update the amusement rides in your regular amusement park? Except for the ferris wheel ride, we also provide whole project solution for indoor and outdoor!

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