36 Seats Swing Rides to El Salvador

Great news! The custom-made 36-seat swing for our client in El Salvador has been successfully installed and is now in smooth operation. Since its launch, the daily visitor count has been consistently high, with queues of excited guests forming regularly. Local visitors have shown tremendous enthusiasm for the swing, making it one of the most popular attractions in the client’s park. The customer is highly satisfied with both our equipment and services. If you would like to learn more about this swing ride, feel free to click on the feedback video sent by the customer or contact us:
The client from El Salvador wishes to add a large-capacity amusement ride to their existing park to attract more visitors. They browse our website and send us an inquiry on the page of swing rides. Soon our sales manager contact with the customer.

Transaction Process of 36 Seater Chair Swing Ride

Design of 36 seater chair swing ride
Customer Requirements and Swing Rides Design
· Upon receiving an inquiry from our client in El Salvador, we obtained the customer’s requirements. They wanted to add a new swing facility to their regular amusement park. The client was looking for an attractive, large-capacity, and innovative chair ride for crowd management within the park. After understanding the specific requirements, we began modifying the design based on the existing chair ride. We provided the client with paint schemes and underwent several revisions. The customer is highly satisfied with our paint scheme.
Production for swing rides chairs
Swing Rides Production and Delivery
·Following the signing of the production contract with our client, we promptly initiated the production phase for the chair swing rides at Beston Rides. We ensured that the production and delivery of the equipment were completed within the agreed-upon timeframe stipulated in the contract. Throughout the entire production process, we maintained rigorous quality control, utilizing the highest quality materials to manufacture a swing chair ride that would fully satisfy our customer.
Installation of chair swing rides
Installation of the Chair Swing Ride
·Regarding the installation of the swing ride in El Salvador, while our company has an installation team that provides on-site installation services for customers, the customer has already arranged a local installation team in advance. Therefore, our installation engineers promptly offered online installation guidance to the customer, ensuring the smooth progress of the installation process.
Other models of chair swing ride
Other Swing Rides from Our Factory
·In addition to the 36-seat swing ride, our company also manufactures high-capacity swing chair rides in 24-seat, 30-seat, and 48-seat variants. Currently, we offer a variety of designs for customers to choose from. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of product designers who can customize the appearance according to customer requirements, providing a more satisfactory design for our customers.
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· Successful Cases in the World: In addition to El Salvador, we also have many others indoor and outdoor project cases in several other countries, including Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, and more. Our park project has been installed in the world. Feel free to contact us for more information and project details.”

Whole Park Solution Specialist – Beston Rides

“Beston Rides is specialized in designing indoor and outdoor park project and different types of amusement park rides. If you are planning to start a new park project or update the regular park. Welcome to contact Beston Rides!

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