36 Seats Swing Ride Installation Feedback

Good news, Beston 36 seats swing ride has installed at Almaty, Kazakhstan and has started operation in the koktobe park. After running for a period, we have received pictures and videos of the equipment that is running in the koktobe park from customer. They are very satisfied with our flying chair ride. We hope that this large-capacity swing ride will bring more profits to our customer.

36 seat swing rides in Kazakhstan Park
Beston 36 seat swing ride installed in the koktobe Park

Introduction of the Project

Beston 36 seat swing ride from Beston Amusement is installed at the koktobe park. It is a park on the top of the mountain. And our 36 seat swing ride is installed at the square at the entrance of the park. It is covering an area of 16 meters in diameter. The swing chair ride is equipped with luxurious lights and bright colors, which helps the Kazakhstan customer to attract more tourists.

The Mountain Park In Kazakhstan
Kók Tóbe Park In Kazakhstan

Other Flying Chair Ride Types for Park Customers

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we have a variety of flying chair ride for customers to choose from, including 16-seat flying chairs, 24-seat flying chairs, 36-seat flying chairs, etc. However, in the process of communicating with customers, we learned that customers need large flow of flying chair equipment, so the customer chose our 36-seat flying chair. We also have some other types of flying chair rides that are suitable for amusement park use :

Flying chair ride for Amusement park use
Other models of flying chair ride for amusement park use
Chair Swing Rides for Amusement Parks

Shipment & Installation Information of 36 Seats Swing Ride

Shipping InfoBeston 36 seat flying chair ride has been shipped from Xi’an, China to Kazakhstan in April 2021, and new orders will be shipped from Xi’an train in March 2022.
InstallationThe installation of 36 seater swing ride will takes round 2 weeks, Beston provides installation drawings and installation instructions, and plans to send installation engineers to guide the installation.
Installation of 36 Seater Swing Chair Ride
Installation of 36 Seater Swing Chair Ride
Installation of swing chair ride
Installation Guide of Swing Chair Ride

Evaluation and Video Feedback from Kazakhstan

The customer satisfied with the quality, usage, popularity and services of Beston products, and recommend we BESTON Amusement to everyone who knows them, and there are several new orders in the later period, and new orders have also been shipped to their place.

Whole Project Solution Provider – Beston Amusement

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we not only provide customers with various types of amusement park equipment, but also provide customers with overall park project solutions. If you want to build indoor and outdoor parks, please contact us.

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