24 Seats Pirate Ship Ride Installed at Kazakhstan

Good news! The 24 seater customized pirate ship ride has been installed at the amusement park in Almaty in Kazakhstan. And it has been put into operation for a few days, everything goes well now. Beston Amusement has customized the color and appearance of the pirate ship ride according to the customer’s requirement. Are you looking for amusement rides or want to build a new amusement park? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for park solutions now!

Beston Customized Pirate Ship Rides for Kazakhstan
Customized Pirate Ship Rides for Kazakhstan Customer
Other Version of Customized 24 Seats Pirate Ship Ride for Kazakhstan
Other Version of Customized 24 Seater Pirate Ship Ride

Details of This Park Project

The 24 seat pirate ship ride is installed at the Mountaintop Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Its name is Кок тобе which is popular in Kazakhstan. The customer has purchased swing chair rides and go karts from our factory before. This time, The customer want to purchase a new pirate ship ride to replace the old one and was attracted by the design and quality of our rides.

How Customer Find Us?

The customer find Beston when searching online and send us the inquiry to us. After received the inquiry from customer, our sales manager contact with the customer soon.

Requirement of the Customer

This pirate ship ride is designed according to the customer’s requirement. Platform and the ticket office also designed to match with the pirate ship ride. With colorful luxury lighting, bright colors and unilateral swing angle 45°, the 24 seats pirate ship ride become very popular with tourists in the amusement park after installation.

Final Plan

During the communication, the customer was not interested in the regular pirate ship ride, and wanted a new and more attractive one, so we designed a new pirate ship ride according to the customer’s needs. The customer was very satisfied with the color and shape. After the design drawing came out, the customer directly asked the contract to make payment. At last, the customer purchased a 24 seat customized pirate ship ride from Beston Amusement.

Shipment and Installation to Kazakhstan

Shipment: After repeated testing of the equipment, we quickly arranged the shipment for the customer in March 2022. And the pirate ship ride has arrived Almaty, Kazakhstan in April 2022.

Installation: Usually, we will send installation engineers to the customer’s place to install the amusement equipment. But this time, The customer find some local engineers to finish the installation, we sent the installation drawings and instructions to guide the installation. After about one week, the installation has been finished.

Customer Feedback and Reviews from Kazakhstan

The customer is very satisfied with the quality, usage, popularity and our services of our equipment, and they had recommended us BESTON to everyone who knows them. And they had to make return orders several times, and they will continue to purchase amusement rides from Beston Amusement.

Why Choose Beston?

Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park designer and amusement rides manufacturer. We design new amusement park project for customers and also customize new amusement rides. Fun & Magic Never Ends! We are willing to bring fun to the world! Choose Beston to start your park project now!

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